In-depth with 8 Figure Amazon Sellers Sim & Jack

In-depth with 8 Figure Amazon Sellers Sim & Jack


Welcome back to Seller Sessions! In this episode, host Danny interviews Sim and Jack, two UK-based entrepreneurs who have built an impressive eight-figure business. Their journey, which began in 2017, is filled with valuable insights and lessons for anyone looking to scale their e-commerce venture.

Getting Started: The Early Days

Sim’s Story:

  • Sim shares his beginnings in e-commerce, influenced by his father’s old-school marketing business that started in 1977.
  • Initially, they ventured into eBay around 2004-2005, experimenting with auctions.
  • By 2008, they began selling on Amazon, where one of their first products remains a best-seller.

Jack’s Journey:

  • Jack, a chartered accountant with a lower risk appetite, joined the company through a family connection, marrying Sim’s sister.
  • His background in big firms and a stint in politics provided a stable foundation for their business.

Building the Business: Key Milestones

The Vendor Program:

  • They entered Amazon’s Vendor Program in 2018, which was a double-edged sword. It offered high volume but low margins and significant operational challenges.
  • Despite the initial success, it was unsustainable due to the low-profit margins and heavy demands from Amazon.

Covid-19 Challenges:

  • The pandemic brought unexpected opportunities and challenges. They pivoted to selling PPE but faced issues like price gouging accusations and operational strain.
  • Lockdown periods forced them to streamline operations, with the core team handling all tasks to keep the business running.

Strategic Changes and Growth

Operational Overhaul:

  • Realizing the inefficiencies in their system, Sim and Jack embarked on a massive reorganization with the help of external consultants.
  • They attended bootcamps and implemented structured business practices, which were crucial for scaling.

Data and Technology:

  • They developed a custom product data management system, integrating various data sources to streamline decision-making and operations.
  • This system helps manage their large catalog and provides insights to optimize their strategy.

Brand and Product Development

New Brands:

  • Sim and Jack are now focusing on developing distinct brands rather than a single umbrella brand, addressing consumer preferences for niche, quality products.
  • They are particularly excited about a new kitchen brand, leveraging local manufacturing for better cash flow and rapid product development.

Customer Engagement:

  • Building an email list of 5,500 subscribers has become an integral part of their product validation process. They engage with this community for feedback and product testing, ensuring their offerings meet market needs.

Future Plans

Scaling Up:

  • The goal is to reach higher figures sustainably, focusing on strategic brand building and efficient operations.
  • They aim to maintain their family business ethos while ensuring it can operate independently in the future.

Community and Networking:

  • Networking and learning from other successful entrepreneurs have been pivotal. They participate in masterminds and industry events to stay ahead of trends and challenges.


Sim and Jack’s journey is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking. From navigating the complexities of Amazon’s programs to leveraging data for informed decisions, their story offers invaluable lessons for aspiring and established e-commerce entrepreneurs alike.

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