Inventory Nightmares For Amazon Sellers

The latest Account-wide storage announcement, was packaged as a “relief” for sellers has been fine for bigger sellers with limited launches, but will be devastating for brand new sellers and ones who are expecting large launches. If a brand new seller had 6 ASINs going into Amazon at the 200 unit limit, they will technically be in violation.

As always, Amazon is going through some major changes, and the time they are taking to communicate and enforce those changes is so haphazard that it will likely put some sellers out of business.

Talal Asad is owner/principal of the small eCommerce consultancy Brand Together. They work with CPG brands of varying sizes, with the aim of giving a collaborative approach to share ideas, business tips and scaling. He has been doing Amazon for over 5 years, first as a Digital and eCommerce lead for an energy drink brand that was in over 2400 stores in the United States. Prior to that he was running multimillion dollar DSP campaigns for Fortune 10 and Top 10 agencies.

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