Leverage Amazon’s Marketplace Growth Program with Liran Hirschkorn

In this episode, Liran Hirschkorn gives us an overview of the Amazon’s Marketplace Growth Program and how you can leverage them to your benefit. Find your feet around these programs and take advantage of them to support and grow your business.

A bit of a background

  • The Amazon Marketplace Growth Program allows you to get a rep on Amazon and submit requests on your behalf.
  • The cost used to be $3,000 to $5,000 a month depending on the revenue you have generated for Amazon.
  • BUT the new program now works on a semi-monthly fee plus a percentage of your previous month’s sales. It’s now at $1,600 a month plus 0.3% of your previous month sales with a cap of $5,000.
  • Not terrible if you can take advantage of the benefits in the program.

Signing Up 

  • Amazon will ask you for your information.
  • Make sure to read the agreement.
  • Signing up will take a day or two.
  • Don’t let lesser sales discourage you – if you are making less then your fees will be a lot lower.

Deal of the Day: The Benefits

  • You get a rep and an initial onboarding call.
  • You’ll get options for placements of your brand
  • Like if you have a product that is a good gift item – they can place you on the Amazon Wedding Registry placement.
  • There were a lot of options. You can choose as many as you want.
  • You can get a deal-of-the-day placement but you have to have round $200,000 to $250,000 worth of inventory.
    • They will give you about a month ahead so you can get your inventory in place.
  • Today’s Deal’s Page is the #2 most trafficked page on Amazon
  • Lightning deals – if you run lightning deals, you will get buried on the page 20 of the Today’s Deal’s page.
    • It is hard to run a lightning deal unless you are an expert and have had success in the past running a lightning deal campaign.
  • Deal of the day shows up at the top for a 24 hour period.
    • A lightning deal runs for only 6 hours
  • You get a lot of exposure that is why you need a $250,000 inventory.
  • If you do this right you can do a lot of business.
    • Deal of the day is not guaranteed
  • It is a 6-month commitment program

Best Deals Program

  • Amazon Seller Central has changed.
  • Under the advertising tabs – you now see products available for lightning deals and now for best deals.
  • You also have 7-day deals. These Best Deals was previously unavailable through Seller Central.
    • It is now available on Seller Central for $300
    • FREE for the Seller Marketplace Growth Program

Other Benefits: Take Downs

  • Products taken down for infringement.
  • You can ask a rep through the program and can see faster results.
  • The program includes your support and your marketing – BUT the reps are not your seller central support.
  • If you are not getting the results you wanted- you can go through the program.
    • Work with the program reps for marketing and use them fro challenges that do not get resolved with Seller central.
  • It is a good opportunity to take advantage of, if you have the inventory and the budget.

Working with the program reps

  • When you sign up for 6 months – it’s a commitment.
  • Use them  for challenges you are having.
  • Reps are assigned automatically. Follow up if you don’t have or receive an email about your assigned rep.
  • You do not have a choice of where your rep is based and doesn’t make much difference.
  • Don’t expect your rep to be there forever — Amazon has a very high turn over rate. People use it as a stepping stone.
  • If you are having difficulties with a rep then you can escalate them BUT just because you are paying for a rep doesn’t mean they are your go to for things that seller support can take care of.
  • You’re the one that should push the envelope.
  • Ask them for information on what you can leverage to grow your
  • business.

Ad hoc Issues

  • You can ask help for attacks but first step is to report review attacks at review-appeals@amazon.com
  • Second: if you did not get any response, then submit through your rep.
  • Know how to communicate the right way.
  • What can be added to your bottom line:
    • Do a deal of the day equals more sales.
    • Do outside ads too! Like get on a blog review etc.
    • More reviews, more sales, more ranking with those additional marketing tools.
  • Coming soon!
    • Live chat BETA program is coming to Amazon.
    • Take advantage of this.
    • Get someone trained or get someone from your team to do chat support.

Product Display Ads (PDAs)

  • PDAs only available if you have AMS.
  • If you have AMS you can run ads on any products.
  • Merch by Amazon is another one.
  • A lot of sellers do not have access to AMS but the clicks can be really cheap.
  • Downside: reporting is terrible.
    • You only see one ACost for several campaigns.

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