Life After Amazon Exit With Kata & Matt Phipps

Matt Phipps was a British Royal Air Force Intelligence Officer, looking for his next move at the end of a 21-year military career. After coming across Amazon on a Podcast, he decided that the Amazon FBA war zone would be a better place to spend the next part of his career.

He suggested the business idea to his wife, Kata Phipps, who immediately embraced it and even took the lead. Kata is a chilean-come-British clinical psychologist who travelled the world accompanying Matt until coffee mornings didn’t quite fit the life vision she had in mind. After mastering several fancy letters in the academic world, Kata was able to adapt those skills into the e-commerce jungle, changing her life.

Together, Matt and Kata are now multi 7-figure, multi-brand, owner-entrepreneurs in the Amazon world.

Today, I get the low down on how they ran solo without a broker to nail legacy money and signing the deal of their life.

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