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Life After Exit With 7 Figure Amazon Seller Tom Wang

Life After Exit With 7 Figure Amazon Seller Tom Wang

Adam Heist returns; today he sits down with Tom Wang…

Exploring Tom’s experiences post-business exit, highlighting that an exit is the start of a new phase, not the pinnacle of success.



Bullet Points:

  • Tom’s introduction: An Amazon seller based in Vancouver, started at 17 with his now-wife, sharing a passion for entrepreneurship and selling on Amazon.
  • Skincare business journey: Tom’s first venture, Sedaris Skin Care, began as a side hustle with initial product failures, but eventually found success with their third product.
  • Peak revenue: The skincare brand reached $5-6 million yearly revenue, reflecting the high-profit margins in skincare and supplements on Amazon.
  • The life-changing exit: Tom sold the business in December 2020, providing him the opportunity to buy his dream house and travel.
  • Health struggles: Tom faced health issues after the sale, leading to self-reflection and exploration during his year and a half of recovery.
  • Current ventures: Tom now runs the FBA Masterclass course and plans to launch more brands, seeing continued potential in e-commerce.
  • Emotional roller coaster: The exit process was stressful due to market uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the deal closing marked a significant moment for Tom.
  • Self-discovery journey: Tom reflects on his childhood desire for validation through financial success and shares his transformation towards pursuing purpose and fulfilment.
  • Importance of relationships: Tom emphasises valuing personal relationships and happiness over immense wealth, based on studies showing the impact of relationships on well-being.



The episode delves into the post-exit life of Tom Wang, a successful Amazon seller. Tom shares his journey of self-discovery after exiting his skincare business, emphasising the significance of relationships and personal fulfilment over wealth. He highlights the challenges of entrepreneurship, the importance of adapting to economic conditions, and the need for discipline and resilience in business. Tom’s wisdom gained at a young age serves as a valuable reminder to focus on personal values and growth while navigating life’s uncertainties.

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