MMA Nutrition – Amazon Open Brands

MMA Nutrition – Amazon Open Brands


Mina Elias joins the show as we delve into another behind-the-scenes episode in our Open Brands series. Here, a few brave souls open up and discuss their brands in an industry where it’s common for brands to be kept secret due to fears of being copied or, in some cases, attacked.


– **Introduction and Background**

  – Danny McMillan welcomes Mina to the show for an Open Brands series discussion.

  – Mina is known for his work in content with PPC and his own brand.

  – Mina emphasises the importance of hard work, innovation, persistence, and consistency over just product ideas.


– **Mina’s Amazon Journey**

  – Mina’s brand journey started with electrolyte powder.

  – His initial launch was modest but improved over time.

  – He emphasises that execution matters more than just having an idea.


– **Challenges and Learning**

  – Mina discusses challenges in investing money without proper guidance.

  – He mentions getting scammed by gurus, leading to wrong investments.

  – Lack of proper guidance and mentorship impacted his early decisions.


– **Agency Transition**

  – Mina pivoted to an agency model due to challenges with the brand.

  – He focused on helping clients navigate Amazon and succeed.


– **Balance and Future Plans**

  – Mina talks about balancing brand growth and the agency.

  – He discusses future plans and the challenges of scaling a brand.


– **Key Advice for Amazon Sellers**

  – Mina advises sellers to focus on learning and getting good at their craft.

  – He suggests investing in learning from experienced mentors.

  – Mina emphasises the importance of having a clear vision and hiring skilled professionals.



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