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Open Brands: With Amazon Seller Michael Kaufman From ProTuff Products

Open Brands: From Pools to New Markets. Exploring Entrepreneurship and Growth Strategies With Michael Kaufman


  • The conversation is a part of the “Open Brands” series, where brands openly discuss their experiences.
  • The guest is Michael Kaufman, the founder of Pro Tuff Products, which started in 2014.
  • Michael initially sold organic fertilisers and synthetic lubricants through a multilevel marketing company.
  • In 2012, he started looking for online opportunities for income diversification and discovered Amazon.
  • Michael began with retail arbitrage and later ventured into private labelling after attending a webinar by Amazing Selling Machines.
  • They discuss the difference between the broader Amazon seller community and the Amazon FBA community.
  • Michael didn’t fully realise the potential of Amazon until a few years into selling on the platform.
  • The conversation highlights the changing landscape of Amazon and the challenges faced as the market matured.
  • Michael didn’t set specific revenue goals but aimed to continuously grow sales and expand his business.
  • They faced challenges in expanding their team and dealing with competition from low-cost Chinese sellers.
  • They played catch up in a saturated category but managed to increase sales.
  • They are looking for an exit strategy for their current brand and planning to launch a new brand.
  • The new brand will focus on a telescoping pole with a patented locking mechanism.
  • They launched their first product, a pool rake, and gradually added variations.
  • They introduced a lifetime warranty, which was a differentiator in their category.
  • They developed a good review profile and received positive feedback.
  • They partnered with a pool pro who invented a new locking mechanism, which became their most profitable product.
  • They used their subscriber list for product launches, including pre-orders and beta testing.
  • They created a groundswell of engagement and feedback from their subscribers.
  • They launched new products, including a flat skimmer and a pool brush, using their organic launch approach.


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