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Scaling To 8,000 SKU’s On Amazon

Michael Hartman is back from Mexico and he shares his model for scaling to thousands of SKUs maintaining super high quality imagery and listings while automating EBC, Listing and Image content with SOPs and Renders.

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In-Depth with Ivelin Demirov

In-depth with Ivelin Demirov today going over his startup selling CDs to leaving the country to break into ecommerce, the inventor Father’s influence on his products and the move to software to help solve people’s problems.

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In-Depth With Liran Hirschkorn

Liran is here and we’re going in-depth on his journey to Amazon and beyond covering his parents instilling in him the ability to achieve, most important daily metrics, the book that most influenced him and what his current sourcing strategy looks like.

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Reviews, Rebates, Friends & Family

Chris McCabe will talk us through the kinds of suspensions he’s seeing hit his desk. Reviews Abuse is still as prevalent as a year ago – will Sellers never learn? Also the data Android phone apps capture and the link to friends and family.

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Price Optimisation, Customer Psychology & Split Testing

Paulina Masson is with us taking us through price optimization and tactics we can employ, customer psychology and how consumers see prices to increase your conversions and split testing to ensure your price change tactics are statistically relevant before you drop a change

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Product Research With Brand Analytics

Brent comes to us to cover Brand Analytics, talking through how his Agency is benefiting from Brand Analytics, how the data is Amazon’s own and is so precise and accurate that he thought someone at Amazon was going to get fired when this came out.

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GURU Bashing

Danny is joined by Anthony Lee, Brandon Young and Liran Hirschkorn in an open discussion about GURU bashing and how the laudable goal of highlighting bad practice and even fraudulent behaviour might lead to toxicity or maybe backfire on you and your integrity. Is the sacrifice worth the risk…

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Prototyping Your Amazon Products

Jared Haw talks through Prototyping your Amazon product stepping through the early stages of design and verification, the types of prototypes and the all important work instructions that help ensure quality and consistency in the production process and runs.

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A short history on Ranking on Amazon with Casey Gauss

Casey Gauss joins us to cover his journey to ranking on Amazon and creating Viral Launch, going through the years of Amazon landscape changes that affected Ranking but sticking to the things that work to achieve huge success for 100,000 Amazon Sellers.

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