Part 2 – Sourcing Like A Boss – 100’s Of Millions Of Products Sold

Continuation of our two part episode! Let’s continue the discussion with Steve Simonson, Kian Golzari, Angie Chacon and delve more on how to create and select successful products.


  • Do lab tests on your products.
  • Do your tests now and get it out of the way.
  • Tip: When it comes to testing – you will get what you ask for with factories. But do a deal like: If it passes you pay for the test, if it doesn’t the factory pays.
  • Do other tests that can give you indicative results. Think about it for the long term.
  • Test regularly — some can pass one batch and the next orders might not be compliant.

Inspection – what to look for?

  • Go to the factory as part of the vetting process.
  • Cleanliness, raw materials, waste areas — these are indicative of their practices.
  • Do mid-manufacturing inspections.
  • INSPECTION IS IMPORTANT to prevent future failures.
  • Cleaning up a mess is more costly and can close down your business.


  • Know the raw materials and how they are being kept or treated.
  • Verify how product looks like in actual.
  • Get samples – double and triple check everything
  • Every shipment should be documented.
  • Make sure there is an audit trail.

Credit with Suppliers

  • Explain the situation to your suppliers
  • Make sure you have a good relationship with your suppliers: TRUST FACTOR
  • Spend time with your suppliers.
  • There governmental insurance available for sources.

Common Mistakes that People Do

  • Operating by email only is a waste of time.
  • You can do this in one day by being there. Save your self from sample costs.
  • Going on a trip is joining a community.
  • You fast track your way into a successful business by going to your factory.
  • It is a continuous learning process.

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Kian Golzari | Connect with Kian on Facebook | China Magic Trip
Angela Chacon: NuEarthLabs

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