Power Corrupts, But Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

This week on Inspired With Bell.

I will join Izabela for a mindset Monday show and we will go in depth on how you can hold down your own power without impeding on the boundaries of others. You should check out my show a couple of weeks back about setting Boundaries in Life and Business as it is a compliment to this show.

We discuss 5 books including The Prince, 48 Laws Of Power, The Power Paradox, The Art Of War and the archetypes in the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. How there are two ways to consume the first two books, defence or offence… And the other three (books) which focus on the betterment of being a human (depending on how you extrapolate the information at hand).

We run through the theory on Jordan Peterson’s dominance hierarchy, the impact it has on serotonin levels and how people that play the power game and if caught, come tumbling down the said hierarchy.

The dangers of believing in your own hype as you get more success in business. As success is only rented and never owned and that the rent is due everyday and you must accept the burden of performance is on you

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