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Product Packaging – A Comprehensive Guide for Amazon FBA Sellers

In this episode, host Sharon Even dives into the fascinating world of product packaging.

She breaks down 13 different types of packaging, detailing the pros, cons, and best-use scenarios for each. From classic options like Paperboard Boxes to specialized types like Rigid Boxes and Bottled Packaging, Sharon covers it all.

Boxes and Packaging Types Discussed:

1.Paperboard Box

2. OPP Bag

3. Shrink Pack / Vacuum Pack

4. Pillow Box

5. Foil Sealed / Pouch Bags

6. Mailer Bags

7. Cylinder / Tub Packaging (Sharon by mistake says Tube but its Tub 😅)

8. Envelope

9. Clamshell

10. Blister Pack

11. Rigid Box

12. Bottled Packaging

13. Clear PVC Box


Bonus Tip: Don’t miss out on Sharon’s bonus tip and her personal recommendation for an exceptional graphics designer to elevate your packaging design.

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