Q4 Shipping and Logistics Update 2022 for Amazon Sellers with Refael Elbaz

In today’s podcast, Sharon Even Speaks with Refael Elbaz, Founder of Unicargo to chat about the current Q4 2022 Shipping and Logistics Updates.

Shipping prices are down, back to pre covid rates – but what are Shipping Carriers trying to do to fight these low spot rates? What Can We Expect this Q4 and how can we plan in advance for the Chinese New Year? We discuss all of this and more in this podcast.


About Refael: Refael Elbaz is the founder of Unicargo, a modern freight forwarding company that focuses on creating advanced solutions for e-commerce companies and entrepreneurs.

Unicargo is leveraging technology to consolidate all the data points of international shipping, thus creating services and tools for E-commerce businesses enabling them to make intelligent, data-driven supply chain decisions.

Refael is an e-commerce logistics advisor to the Israeli export institute and a public speaker in Amazon, international logistics, and supply chain conventions.

Check out this episode!

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