Top 5 Experts Take on the Rise of the Chat Bots on Amazon – Part 1

Join me (Danny McMillan), along with Paul Harvey (SellerChat Bots), Steven Black (Unstoppable FBA), DR Yev Marusenko (Zontracker), Brandon Young and the first lady of Chat Bots Michelle Barnum Smith… For a no nonsense convo on the latest happenings in the world of Chat Bots for Amazon Sellers. I’ll be asking the questions, and they be dropping the science.

What is the ultimate flow?

  • A flow that can run all the time that competes
  • Give-away contests and convert them to product testers or rebate offer for ranking campaign
  • This depends on your objective– chat bot capabilities are far and wide
  • Another one is bring them in to FB group and offer around what they say they want to buy

How to utilize chat bots for ranking products

    • There are 4 different strategies
      • 1. Start with keyword URLs to get you ranks
      • 2. Use a search-find-buy campaign to lock in ranking
      • 3. If using cold traffic then use coupons, if you have a hot-list or nurtured leads then offer rebate.
      • 4. Get those reviews!
    • Use search find buy on everything is another strategy.
    • Adding testing within each of the steps:
      • Within each one of those campaigns, test each sequence
      • One review in each one of those tests
      • Add jokes
      • A lot of brands are testing within each conversion to get to the next step
      • Narrow it down until it becomes one sequence
    • Value has nothing to do with price, if you don’t give discounts make sure your buyer really wants to buy the product
      • Rationalize why would somebody wants to buy
      • Place your product in your customers minds: content, chat bots so on
      • Warm your customers before you sell to them
      • TIP: keep it conversational! People buy from people they like.
      • Make it easy for them to give their money
    • Use chat bots for ranking your products
      • Get a list that is convertible.
      • Understand the keywords first
      • Understand what keyword you are ranking for
      • Then create your funnel
      • Keep it simple.
    • Spend a lot of time researching a good gift
      • Let them know there is no catch because people are programmed to think: what is the catch?
      • People love a good gift
      • Copy write your whole flow
    • Know what your goal is
      • Use different strategies
      • Simplicity works
      • Use psychologically effective words
      • The pattern is curiosity
      • Create a micro-commitment
    • Never ask people what you want them to do!
      • Don’t give them 4-5 links
      • Keep it simple, a single button
      • Direct them with simplicity

  • Let’s talk gamification

    • Send coupon code
      • 50% will be wrong coupons! They will fail.
      • If customer really wants the product they will chat us.
      • You get ranking points and ads
      • They message a chat bot and the chat bot responds and gives the code.
      • Amazon sees a customer abandoning a cart and coming back in a later stage to to actually purchase
      • This strategy can be used to KILL YOUR COMPETITOR
      • Make it a wheel of fortune type of flow
    •  Gamification tags and  filters your customer
    • This allows you to create a more targeted message next time
    • In many chat you can put in a bunch of phrases

  • Rebates and suspensions

    • Note: Amazon does not have verbiage on rebates
      • But they said that Rebates are within TOS (Terms of Service)
      • No one has been suspended on front URL
      • When people get suspended it is mostly due to Review Manipulation or Rank Manipulation.
      • Bury your review campaign inside a velocity campaign
      • Make sure you have the velocity beforehand so it doesn’t get flagged
      • TIP: The gold right now is in Amazon and starting your own business.

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