Scaling You Amazon Business With Executive Level Virtual Assistants

Today Yoni Kozminski joins me to chat about scaling up with a team built around Executive level VA’s. This is an interesting approach as the dynamics change when your VA has deep knowledge with a background in corporate. It can be very expensive to build teams, especially the right one for your business.

Yoni is a former Amazon Seller having scaled an Amazon business from 2 – 5m in 12 months that was acquired. Today he is the Founder & CEO of MultiplyMii & Escala two business-focused on supporting business growth by way of process improvement and highly-skilled, cost-effective professionals in the Philippines. A driving mission of the business is to create better opportunities for talent in the Philippines and as a result, in just one year the business grew from four team members to 130 full-time on payroll. This has also seen the start of the Successful Scales Podcast where Yoni interviews now successful professionals on what it takes to scale a business.

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