Why Search Volume Doesn’t Matter with Tomer Rabinovich

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In this episode, we discuss with Tomer Rabinovich why search volume doesn’t really matter and his approach to product research.

Product selection in general

  • There are a lot of gurus out there BUT they have almost the same approach
  • Everyone is doing that.

So how do you stand out? The process…

  • This is good for beginners: watch for new products
  • Think of competitive products – where the demand keeps growing and caters to everyone
  • Find sub-niches and find those products: cellphone is a parent niche, sub-niche cellphones for kids
  • Start out with specific niche which has high demand
  • How about locations like US which has very competitive long-tail keywords? Doesn’t matter. Process works everywhere.
  • We use Helium10 for search and Cerebro where you can take and compare competitors
  • We do not use search volume because it makes you miss out on higher revenue products
  • Do not filter by certain search volume
  • Target specific persons – create a profile.
  • THINK: they need a yoga mat what else will they need?
  • Reverse engineer what search term they use. ONLY AFTER: you have selected a product for that profile.
  • We base everything on our competitors as benchmark: photos, price and etc.
  • We put everything in Cerebro and Helium 10: we use rankings 1 to 5 as basis for ASINs.
  • If Amazon suggests words where we will bid, we will put a lower bid for those low ranking keywords because we know we will not convert.
  • We will put higher bid on words we know we will convert based on the analytics.
  • We initially set up PPC for the product and get some reviews from the start
  • We use lists, rebate key.. MIX YOUR STRATEGY
  • Target different keywords in lists, rebates etc.
  • Do not use the same keywords throughout your tools
  • SFB: Search, find, buy — we ask customers to type keyword + brand name
  • Do not aim to rank on lower pages like page 10– it doesn’t convert and not worth it.
  • IMPORTANT: make sure you have reviews before you bid on keywords
  • If you do not convert then Amazon pushes you back a few pages with your ad.
  • What you see on sponsored ads are top competitors with good conversion
  • The goal is to convert best for a  keyword or term so you can save and make more profits.

Tomer’s Tips for Success

  • Do not launch mediocre products
  • This will not be sustainable in the long term and will not bring profit
  • Sell good products!
  • Target a specific sub-niche/ niche
  • Improve the product

Connect with Tomer Rabinovich
Website: https://www.tomerrabinovich.com and he will be joining us in China Magic

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