Seller Sessions Live 2021 Update & Tickets

Today I will be joined by some of the speakers for Seller Sessions Live on October 9. Izabela & I will be chatting with Liran Hirschkorn, Brandon Young, Howard Thai, Casey Gauss, George Meressa, Brent Zahradnik and more.

It has been a rocky road getting there, Seller Sessions Live sold out in two weeks back in January last year. We have the full conference on the Saturday and VIP Dinner on the Friday with industry heads from around the world flying in. On Saturday night we have done a night club take over with me Djing from 7pm to 2am and then it is onto the after, after party until daylight.

We have a handful of refunds so we will be marking back and redistributing as Conference + VIP Dinner packages.

Seller Sessions Live is brought to you by Thrasio.

The afterparty is brought to you by Sellers Alley and YLT Translations.

The VIP Dinner is brought to you by Perpetua.

I would like to say a special thanks to our other sponsors pingpong, Urktasker, Alex De Lille Design and PikFu.

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