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The annual awards for Amazon and Private Label Sellers

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How it works

The nominations will be based on initial votes by you, the sellers in the community. The top three will be posted for the rest of the community to choose from with each category getting a wild card. The wild card is the choice a voter will have other than the three main nominations.


To make it a level playing field Seller Sessions, myself and DATAbrill are excluded from being nominated and winning awards.

Equally, any consultant, software company or service provider caught peddling / begging for votes to create an unfair advantage will be removed from the main categories and will be added to the Hall Of Shame. The Hall Of Shame will be announced along with the other nominations and winners. You have been warned!

Outstanding contribution

Do you know someone in the industry, who deserves to be recognised who has gone above and beyond for our community? This could be a fellow brand owner, speaker, podcaster, educator or someone that has gone above and beyond. 

Established software company

Have you worked with a software that has been in the industry for some time (18 months or more) and deserves special recognition for their contribution to helping Amazon sellers succeed in their business everyday?

Breakthrough software company

Do you know of a software company that is new (last 12 months) to the industry and deserves recognition for hitting the ground running and making an impact to improve the lives of Amazon Sellers? 

Service provider

This category exists as it is a way of recognising the contribution of a service provider that may not otherwise fit in with all the other sections, this includes but not limited to; listing optimisation, account management, accounting & book keeping, logistics and much more…

Amazon Consultant

Have you been offered support of a fellow Amazon professional who acts in a consultant capacity and who you feel has provided you with game changing help? They have provided tremendous short term or long term value covering but limited to; PPC, troubleshooting, logistics, product research and much more… 

Facebook Group

We all know the power of Facebook and more importantly the impact that a group can have on our industry. Therefore, do you know of a Facebook group that has strong engagement and has supported you in your Amazon.

YouTube Channel

Aside from lambos and big bookcases with people jumping up and down shouting. Have you found a channel that is second to none and you feel that has provided you with the key information or guidance that has helped you in your Amazon business? 


Have you found a Podcast that has provided you with actionable information that has helped catapult your Amazon experience? Do they publish on a regular basis and provide current up to date content you can use in your business?

Large conference

This category is for events that hold more than 500 delegates, there is no limitation on location or type of event as long as 80% of the event is Amazon FBA based. 

Small Conference

This is for smaller events that hold anywhere from 50 to 499 people. Meetup’s, Masterminds and mini conferences all apply.

Amazon Training Course (Beginners)

Do you know of a course that has greatly benefited you as a seller or have had a tremendous impact on the businesses of other Amazon sellers? Those that qualify include online and physical courses / workshops you attend in person. 

Amazon Training Course (Advance)

This award is for advanced courses that can include online and physical courses / workshops you attend in person, along with Mastermind events (known Blackhat events will be removed).

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