The Art of War on Amazon: Part 2

The Art of War on Amazon: Part 2

Welcome back to Seller Sessions. Following part one in the series, we delve deeper into your mental game and its impact on your business. It’s tough out there for sellers right now, and no hack will fix your mental game. Mastering the 12 parts below will win you half the battle. This is short and sweet, but give me five minutes of your time and you’ll see what I mean.

1. Develop a Moral Philosophy

2. The Person You Lay Down With

3. A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, a House Full of Love

4. Money, Power, and Status Cannot Buy Desire

5. Build a Formidable Circle not a Winners Circle

6. What is a True Friend

7. Avoid God Mode at All Costs

8. Wise vs Smart

9. Fastest Way To Remove Toxic People from Your Life

10. Past Behaviours Predict Future Behaviours Unless there are Changed Behaviours

11. Never Scatter Your Troops

12. The Wise Warrior Avoids the Battle

To close, mastering these twelve principles will fortify your mental game, significantly impacting your success as an Amazon seller. Developing a moral philosophy, choosing your partners wisely, and fostering a calm mind and fit body are foundational. Understand that money, power, and status can’t buy genuine desire. Build a formidable circle rather than a winner’s circle and recognize what a true friend is. Avoid the pitfalls of god mode, differentiate between being wise and being smart, and swiftly remove toxic influences. Remember, past behaviours often predict future ones unless genuine change occurs. Keep your team focused and know that sometimes the wisest move is to avoid the battle altogether. Nail these elements, and you’ll be well on your way to winning half the battle in your business journey.

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