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The Biggest Hack This Seller Used To Reach 9 Figures

Welcome back to another insightful episode of Seller Sessions, hosted by Danny McMillan. In this episode, we are rejoined by Mels Terlouw, a seasoned entrepreneur peaking at 9 figures in sales. Together, they delve into the critical but often overlooked topic of addressing customer objections, a vital component of successful sales strategies.

Key Insights from Mels Terlouw

  • Understanding Psychological Warfare in Sales: Mels emphasises that selling is akin to psychological warfare where the goal is to win the customer’s heart. He gets frustrated with the common reliance on hacks and algorithms, urging sellers to focus on genuine customer engagement.
  • Addressing Customer Objections is Crucial: Many sellers neglect addressing objections because it is perceived as tedious and unglamorous. However, Mels argues that understanding and addressing these objections is fundamental to transforming potential customers into actual buyers.
  • The Importance of Product Presentation: Mels discusses how subtle changes in product listings, like simplifying installation instructions or using psychological cues in images, can significantly impact customer perception and overcome objections.

Strategies for Overcoming Objections

  • Tailored Product Features: By focusing on specific customer objections, sellers can tailor their products to meet these needs, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Visual and Psychological Cues: Mels points out the power of visual cues in influencing customer decisions, suggesting that sellers employ strategies that align with subconscious customer expectations and preferences.

Effective Communication and Testing

  • Continuous Testing and Feedback: Both Danny and Mels highlight the necessity of continuous product testing and gathering feedback to refine product offerings and address emerging customer objections effectively.

Concluding Thoughts and Takeaways

  • Engage Directly with Customers: One of Mels’ key pieces of advice is for sellers to engage directly with customers to gain firsthand insights into their objections and preferences.
  • Innovation in Addressing Objections: Mels encourages innovation in how objections are addressed, suggesting that meeting and exceeding customer expectations in creative ways can set a product apart in competitive markets.


This episode serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of not just meeting but deeply understanding customer needs and objections. Mels Terlouw’s insights provide valuable strategies for sellers looking to enhance their engagement and conversion rates through thoughtful, customer-centric product development and marketing.


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