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The Broad Match Show – 9 Figure Scaling, Ranking, Red Flags & Black Hat

The Broad Match Show – 9 Figure Scaling, Ranking, Red Flags & Black Hat


Welcome to another exciting episode of the Broad Match show!

Adam’s Segment: What’s Coming Up

Adam kicks off the discussion with some intriguing updates and future plans:

  • Summer in Canada: Adam shares his experiences and upcoming summer plans.
  • New Launches/Brands: A preview of exciting new product launches and brand developments.
  • 9-Figure Scaling: Tips and strategies for scaling businesses to nine figures, focusing on growth and expansion.

Adam’s Main Discussion

Adam delves into the Cosmo Paper and its significant implications for the future:

  • Organic Ranking: How the Cosmo Paper influences organic search rankings (following his podcast last week).
  • Listing Development: Innovative approaches to developing more effective product listings.
  • Creative Strategies: Enhancing creativity in digital marketing and product presentations.

Danny’s Segment: What’s Coming Up

Danny provides updates on his upcoming projects and topics of interest:

  • New Live Podcast Setup: Enhancements and new features in the podcast’s live setup.
  • Melissa Davis from Databrill joins the podcast alongside Sharon and Adam, adding valuable insights into PPC on a weekly basis.
  • Art of War Series: The conclusion of the popular “Art of War” series, focusing on black hat sellers and the dark triad framework just in time for Q4 lead in.


Danny’s Main Discussion

  • Agency Red Flags: Key issues to watch out for when working with agencies, both from an agency’s and a client’s perspective.


    • Managing Accounts: Questions to ask about account management and workload.
    • Communication: The importance of effective communication between clients and agencies.
    • Size Matters?: Why bigger isn’t always better in the agency world.
    • Transitioning: Smooth transitions when changing agencies.
    • Pricing Models: Understanding flat rate versus percentage-based pricing.
    • Case Studies and Strategies: Evaluating case studies and the effectiveness of proposed strategies.
    • Managed vs. Unmanaged Services: Comparing different service models.
    • Performance Only Agencies: Pros and cons of agencies that focus solely on performance metrics.
    • Agency Switcher: Advice for sellers considering switching agencies.
    • Full-Service Agencies: Comprehensive service options versus specialised agencies.
    • Seller Types: Identifying which types of sellers agencies typically avoid.


Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

In the wrap-up segment, Danny shares some personal insights and final thoughts:

  • ADHD: Updates on ADHD 360, including a quick transition to a private model within four weeks.
  • Chat GPT Chef: The continuous interaction and improvements in using Chat GPT for various tasks.

Check out this episode!


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