The BroadMatch Show: SSL2024 Review, ADHD Diagnosis, Side Events, and More

The BroadMatch Show: SSL2024 Review, ADHD Diagnosis, Side Events, and More

In this engaging episode of Seller Sessions, host Danny McMillan welcomes back co-host, Adam Heist to discuss a wide range of topics, from the latest insights into Seller Sessions Live to personal health challenges and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Seller Sessions Live: The Evolution and Impact

Refining the Format

  • One-Day Event: Adam praises the one-day format of Seller Sessions Live, highlighting its efficiency and effectiveness compared to longer events.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Danny explains that maintaining high-quality content throughout a multi-day event can lead to diminishing returns, hence the decision to keep it short but impactful.

Audience and Atmosphere

  • Seller-Centric Approach: The event remains focused on sellers ensuring meaningful and genuine interactions.
  • Unique Speaker Line-Up: Danny and Adam emphasise the importance of featuring new faces and fresh insights, avoiding the repetition.

Logistics and Challenges

  • Travel Considerations: The convenience of a one-day event minimises travel fatigue and maximises attendee energy and engagement.
  • Cost Management: By keeping the event to one day, Danny manages to keep costs down, making it accessible without compromising on quality.

Addressing Side Events

The Problem with Side Events

  • Danny’s Stance: Danny addresses the issue of side events organised around major events without prior consultation. He emphasises the importance of respect and proper communication when planning such activities.
  • Exclusive Contracts: To prevent conflicts, Danny mentions that all speakers for next year will be under exclusive contracts, restricting their participation in other events around the same timeframe of Seller Sessions Live.

Impact on Events

  • Draining Resources: Danny explains how unauthorised side events can drain resources and detract from the main event, making it clear that he will not tolerate such actions in the future.

Personal Journeys and Health Challenges

Adam’s Stroke Recovery

  • Three and a Half Months In: Adam shares his progress since experiencing a stroke in Bali, discussing the slow but steady recovery and the importance of incremental gains.
  • Life Lessons: Reflecting on his journey, Adam draws parallels between business challenges and personal health, emphasising resilience and the power of small steps.

Danny’s ADHD Diagnosis

  • Discovery and Management: Danny recounts his recent ADHD diagnosis and the profound impact it has had on his life and work. He shares practical tips on managing ADHD through micro-dosing and nootropic stacks.
  • Embracing the Superpower: Rather than seeing ADHD as a hindrance, Danny views it as a superpower that, when leveraged correctly, can lead to hyper focus and significant productivity gains.

Entrepreneurial Insights and Mental Health

Mental Health in Entrepreneurship

  • Shared Struggles: Both Danny and Adam discuss the mental health challenges common among entrepreneurs, including ADHD, anxiety, and depression.
  • Importance of Vulnerability: They highlight the value of open conversations about mental health, reducing stigma and fostering a supportive community.

Building a Mental Fortress

  • Upcoming Workshop: Danny introduces his concept of a “Mental Fortress” workshop aimed at helping entrepreneurs build resilience and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Toolkit for Success: The workshop will cover essential topics like boundaries, emotional literacy, and attachment styles, providing attendees with practical tools to improve both their personal and professional lives.

Future Plans and Projects

Adam’s Summer Plans

  • Reconnecting with Roots: Adam plans to spend the summer in Canada, focusing on personal and professional catch-up while enjoying time with family and friends.
  • Exploring Austin: He also considers moving to Austin, Texas, for the winter to explore new opportunities and experiences.

Danny’s Upcoming Ventures

  • Tech Development: Danny hints at exciting new tech developments at Databrill, aimed at improving the search and PPC experience for sellers.
  • Book Launch: He is also working on a book titled “The Evolved Man,” which will address key aspects of masculinity and mental health.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Efficiency: The one-day format of Seller Sessions Live is praised for its effectiveness and high-quality content.
  • Health and Resilience: Both Danny and Adam share their personal health journeys, offering valuable insights into managing ADHD and recovering from a stroke.
  • Mental Health Focus: The episode emphasises the importance of mental health in entrepreneurship, encouraging open discussions and supportive communities.
  • Future Innovations: Listeners can look forward to new tech developments and an insightful book from Danny, aimed at enhancing both business and personal growth.


This episode of Seller Sessions with Danny McMillan and Adam Heist is a treasure trove of insights, from the practicalities of running a successful e-commerce event to deeply personal stories of health and resilience. It underscores the importance of community, mental health, and continuous improvement in both business and life.

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