The Power of Connection

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Melissa Rodríguez is the founder of Social Media Relations, an award-winning marketing partner focused on helping brands build relationships with the Millennial, Gen z, and LatinX audiences- specializing in consumer insights, omnichannel marketing, and native creative content. Approaching its fifth anniversary, the company’s 300% growth over the past year is a clear testament to her vision and intention.

As a former corporate risk advisor in the media and entertainment sectors within Ernst & Young, Melissa traveled the world on behalf of Disney and its subsidiary, ESPN. She became one of their highest performing consultants and attributes her work with Big Four to developing a keen eye for making daring yet enterprisingly progressive moves.

Prior to this Melissa was a Consultant for over 6 years with Ernst & Young, specializing in the Media & Entertainment sector, where she worked closely alongside clients such as Disney and it’s subsidiary ESPN on their digital efforts strategy.

Social Media Relations is an LA-based agency leveraging paid traffic and social growth campaigns to help organizations utilize emerging digital trends and industry change makers to stay relevant and at the forefront of their potential clients.

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