Understanding Search Query Performance and KPIs with Supa Template

Understanding Search Query Performance and KPIs with Supa Template


In this episode Danny is joined by Mansour Norouzi to discuss his prebuilt Dashboard to help sellers really dial in on their metrics around the search query performance dashboard.


To help you get started with Amazon’s search query performance dashboard, Mansour  created two pre-built SUPA templates that you can use to organise the data from your Seller Central account. These templates will help you analyse your search term data more efficiently and make data-driven decisions about optimising your listings


Episode Summary:


– Importance of checking data sources before making judgments

– Amazon’s various reports can cause confusion and incorrect assumptions

– Metrics are important for measuring performance

– Issues with Amazon’s APIs

– Using Amazon advertising for experimentation and measuring impact

– Importance of measuring purchase share for ad impact on branded keywords

– Importance of tracking conversion rates and market share for brand performance

– Traditional measures like total sales trend may not accurately reflect brand growth

– Product Opportunity Explorer for tracking search term trends and brand comparison to market

– Consistency of performance for specific keywords

– Utilising Brand Analytics for maintaining or increasing market share

– Importance of analysing impact on purchase share for advertising and keyword testing

– Amazon’s focus on customers rather than vendors

– Understanding search query performance and KPIs through funnel and super template shapes

– Potential issues with local and geo ranking.


About Mansour


Mansour Norouzi was born in Tehran, Iran on August 25, 1986. He is the second Child among his 4 siblings. Mansour stood out in high school for being good with math and physics. Due to his passion for math, he applied to study engineering in university.

After graduating from master of civil engineering in 2010, Mansour started his career as a construction manager. Then, he immigrated to Canada and continued his career as a construction manager.


Although, Mansour liked his field, he was fascinated by the idea of working online and being able to work while traveling. He started searching and learning for the online opportunities till he got to know about selling products on Amazon in 2018.

While working in his full-time job, Mansour kept learning and started his own online business by the end of 2018. He made like-minded friends by attending to business seminars and expanded his network.


Being good with math and numbers, Mansour realised he is pretty good with one important part of Amazon FBA business and it was Amazon Advertising. Soon, he started getting his own clients to manage their advertising. He finally joined Incrementum Digital team in July 2020.

Grab your Template here and get to work https://incrementumdigital.com/blog/performance-growth/understanding-search-query-performance-sqp-on-amazon-a-comprehensive-guide/?fbclid=IwAR3dAZrS2MIiTf89NpwWgmlGZGbtD1YYqJPnctYL-zvbL20Zp3i_pG0blYI

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