What It Is Like To Run An 8 Figure Business

Val Yakovchik is the founder & CEO of MoxieLash®,an 8 figure lash brand recognized for bringing first to market Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes & all new Lashies™ (no glue, no magnet lashes) to the beauty space. Moxie doesn’t create average products. Digitally native, brand direct response driven, with a fully remote work environment from inception — The Moxie team prides itself on being an exclusive, private family like environment with a culture of collaboration, love and gratitude. Moxie is a customer centric brand, focused on building a world class winning team and developing talent to bring beauty innovation to the world. Prior to MoxieLash, Val is a former professional poker player of 12 years turned business entrepreneur in 2017 with no formal business experience or beauty industry background. Val loves working with women, creating collaborative environments, and leaning into women’s needs to understand where product standards can be improved and disrupted.

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