What’s New In Amazon’s AMC

AMC is a cloud-based database that gathers signals from all over Amazon to provide insights into customer behavior.

It still requires technical expertise like SQL to maximize its potential. Since the last episode, AMC has expanded the data it provides beyond just sponsored ads. It now includes things like TV streaming ads, Alexa ads, etc. AMC makes it easier to analyze the customer purchasing journey across multiple touchpoints. Often purchases take 7-8 days and involve multiple ad exposures rather than a direct path. You can use AMC to build targeted audiences in DSP, like people who searched related terms but didn’t convert or added to wishlist. Look at gateway products that lead to further purchases and maximize exposure. See which products have the highest overlap/cross-sell.

Appoint someone in your team or agency to become the AMC expert through certifications and training.

Queries take practice but it’s accessible. Get AMC set up ASAP to start gathering historical data, even if you don’t use it right away. The instance backfills 13 months of data. New-to-brand data is only available in AMC for sponsored product ads. See which keywords drive incremental sales.

Other Notes:

  • Brent recommends getting started with AMC if you spend $10k+ per month on Amazon sponsored ads. It’s free to use.
  • Some of Brent’s favorite uses are analyzing customer journey, frequency of ad exposure, gateway products, and CLTV.
  • Brent offers Amazon PPC services through his agency Pathfinder. Reach out to him at brant.bike or amcpathfinder.com.

Podcast Details:

  • Show: Seller Sessions
  • Episode: AMC 1 Year Later – Tips and Strategies for 2022
  • Host: Danny McMillan
  • Guest: Brent Zahradnik, Amazon PPC Expert

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