Why Resilience Pays Off, Sellers of Amazon with Sharon Even

On Thursdays with Sharon, this week Sharon invites Carrie Knapp a Successful Amazon Seller to share her Brand Building journey and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Selling on Amazon.

Carrie started selling on Amazon in 2020 with a product that came with many ups and downs but didn’t give up. She soon realized that Brand Building is the way to go and designed a product that fits a specific buyer avatar and allowed her to expand her brand by creating different versions for a specific buyer.

Her willingness to invest in Branding from day one helped her to get to 500,000k revenue with over 40% profit margin in 2021 and is on track to hit 7 figures soon.

Join us to hear Carrie’s journey of Resilience and see why it pays off when selling on Amazon.

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