Winning Big Isn’t An Accident

This week with Bell…

Dr Jeff is passionate about giving people the path to manifest their potential in order to create a high impact legacy and live a life of value and contribution doing it. In this episode he will discuss the possibility of creating opportunities for people to cultivate their talent, so they can live a life of value and contribution.

Dr Jeff has worked with Bono backstage, Sir Richard Branson on his private island and Tiger Woods preparing for a major golf tournament. He has changed peoples lives and helped them discover their inner potential. He has coached the cycling teams win eight Tour de Frances, advised Nike on hidden recovery secrets and guided Bulletproof to become a worldwide brand. He was an olympic athlete, an artist showing his sculpture in best galleries in nyc, has a masters degree in sports science, International Sports Chiropractor of the year, has and helped athletes win over 40+ gold medals, father of adopted daughter (proudest achievement), advised: Tiger Woods, Richard Branson, U2, Nike etc.

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