Zigging And Zagging Your Way To Success

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Elena Saris will be discussing about recognising opportunities and acting on them appropriately. Making connections and solving problems has been a big part of Elena’s journey. Her diverse background and skills have helped Elena become a huge success

Elena Saris is a criminal defence attorney, a former stand up comic and a 7 figure E-commerce seller. After a successful 25 year career as a deputy public defender, she realised it was time for Chapter Two. She started an e-commerce business from scratch, first as an Amazon seller and then as a store owner on the Shopify platform. Her Shopify stores generated over $3 million dollars in sales in 2020. Elena was the co-founder of Source In Asia and Ecom Roadmap which taught regular folks how to sell successfully online. She still practices law, but limits her practice to murder cases where the death penalty is being sought. She is a frequent speaker on mindset and marketing and is a television consultant for TV shows focused on the criminal justice system. In her free time she reads voraciously and has recently become addicted to Pickleball.

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