Why is Dealing with Amazon Seller Support so Hard?

Liran Hirschkorn joins us again to rant about dealing with Amazon Seller Support Seller Support reps abroad sometimes don’t work for Amazon but are contracted out They have limited knowledge andexperience As experienced sellers you…

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Amazon Product Failure Part 3

Michael Michelini of the global from Asia podcast talks to us about his Amazon Product Failure. Mike has been in China 10 years doing mobile apps, sourcing and podcasting for 4 years. He was on eBay in 2004, 2007 moved to China to…

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Amazon Product Failure Part 2

Paul Harvey joins us to discuss his Amazon failure and break the myth of everything being shiny and perfect. There is only so much you can learn from a screen grab of someone’s seller central account. Dissecting learnings rather…

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Amazon Masterminds – Are They Worth It?

Paul Harvey joins to discuss Amazon Masterminds, the big ones, the key to setting one up and keeping it going. What is a Mastermind? Horrible pretentious term but no replacement for it Bias: Danny is in a Mastermind that he setup in…

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Amazon Product Failure Part 1-RR004

Anthony Lee returns and speaks about Amazon Failed Products and how his product failure unfolded. There is nothing wrong with a product go sideways – product failure this stuff happens Everyone will get a dud product at some point in…

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Is it the end for Amazon Hacks?

Anthony Lee joins to discuss Amazon hacks, what is legitimate and what isn’t and their use. The Public ask “What is working now” is the regular demand question that people ask. When there’s nothing ‘new’ they lose interest Event…

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When is an Amazon Guru a Guru? – RR002

Rate and Rant is a new sub-show to Seller Sessions. Anthony Lee the self-proclaimed anti-guru has something to say on when is an Amazon Guru a Guru. Calling someone a Guru can be negative We share what we’ve learnt, we offer a…

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Inside Amazon with Liran – Session 026

Liran has been inside Amazon HQ and has some great updates for us on what’s coming down the pipe for Sellers. A seller since 2014, Liran shares his experience on Amazon to help your amazon fba products…

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