A Cautionary Tale Of Raising External Investment

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Today we chat with Chris Rawlings, and the closing of his company Judo Launch. Chris was very open and candid about what happened and the lessons he learned along the way. If you are an Amazon seller underwater with debt and struggling, you are not alone… Your mental health is important and perspective is everything.

A background…

  • Judo Launch has now closed.
  • It was a venture funded project.
  • It grew from a one employee company to a forty staffs.
  • Internal conflict created issues which grew on.

Your Business, Your Control

  • Keep the controlling interest in your business.
  • VC funding or external funding would mean that other people get to meddle with your business. Be cautious –
  • Closing a business can be heartbreaking.
  • But know that business is risky.

Bounce back, as fast as you can..

  • Get back on the horse as fast as you can.
  • Laying low after a devastating event will not help you out.
  • Bounce back and start again.
  • Business is risky – that is part of it but take your learnings and get back, bounce back!
  • Ask for help – you will be surprised how many people are out there willing to help.
  • As an entrepreneur you wrap your identity in your business… you put your soul into it.
  • Inject good karma into the word by lending a hand to people.

A New Beginning!

  • Chris has started a new company helping out new sellers, new companies trying to enter the Amazon space.
  • If you are thinking of  entering the EU Amazon market, Chris and his team are here to help you out: https://www.sophiesociety.com/
  • They are now back on track doing what they have started off to do, working with what they are passionate about.

The Biggest Take Away

  • The ability to self observe and self correct your path – these are the core skills in life that you need to learn.
  • Extreme events force you to look at yourself, your patterns and the aspects of yourself that lead you to these decisions.
  • Bring out the unconscious reasons into the surface that affect your decision making process. Address them.

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