Scalable Amazon PPC Management

  • We manage unlimited SKUs and keyword data using our advanced algorithms, machine learning and smart humans all in house.
  • We reduce costs to drive a higher profit margin for your business by tailoring our algorithms to your account as everyone is unique.
  • You pay one simple flat rate - no set up fees or long term contracts, nor do we charge a percentage of your ad spend, profit or turnover.

How it works

Let's get started!

step one

Step One

We schedule a discovery call to understand your business needs and how we can boost your product visibility and reduce your advertising costs.

step two

Step Two

We apply our smart technology so that you get the very best insights and outcomes from your customers behaviors and actions.

step three

Step Three

We launch your campaigns and optimize both short and long-term goals to reduce your ACoS and scale up your business.

“Simple flat rate for all of your SKU’s"

why us

Why Us?

Scalability: We are able to manage millions of keywords on a granular basis which is simply impossible for a human to oversee effectively.

Onboarding: We can get your product SKUs and business on Amazon quickly without the painful use of Flat Files that could take months or years, depending on your catalog size.

Technology: Our smart technology is based on bleeding-edge statistical methods, which is managed by our team of Algorithm and Data Science experts.

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simple pricing

Simple Pricing

We do not take a percentage of your turnover: This allows us to focus on all your products rather than only targeting the items that would maximize our profits – We are here to help you.

We do not take a percentage of your profit: We want you to know where you stand as we help grow your business. Our service is built on technology designed to be cost effective.

We do not take commission from your advertising spend: Our aim is to meet your advertising goals and not to increase your budget for our own gain.

Simple Onboarding

Discovery: On our initial call we will discuss your plans and goals and offer a solution on how we can scale and maximize your Sponsored Ads strategy.

Strategy: Once we have agreed on targets strategy and management terms, we will then plug into your Seller Central account and begin the discovery process and campaign creation.

Launching: We will undertake the discovery phase using our smart technology algorithms to pan for keyword gold and find converting search terms that you are not currently using. At the same time we will blacklist any unprofitable terms.

simple onboarding
simple management

Simple Management

Account Management: Liaise with your dedicated account manager to track progress and adjust targets.

Campaign Reporting: Custom reporting with your pre-defined targets delivered to you on a monthly basis for your review.

Data Optimization: Our sophisticated algorithms are constantly optimizing your data to provide you with the best return on your investment.

man versus the machine

Man Versus The Machine

People simply cannot achieve what we do at scale. A large part of our work is performed by automated algorithms and machine learning.

“If we save you just one bad click per day, per SKU, you would break even using our service”


Your accounts are managed in-house: You can be safe in the knowledge that your Sponsored Ad campaigns will only be managed by data scientists, technical marketers and algorithm experts. As businesses owners ourselves, we expect a high-quality team to look after our interests, and that is exactly what we will do for you and your business.


Tools For Titans

As Amazon PPC gets more and more competitive, the only way to beat the competition over the long-term is to leverage smart technology.



We use a blend of your current data, custom tools for expansive search term deep dives and auto campaigns. Through these algorithmic methods and rules we are able to crunch data on hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords per SKU. This greatly improves your chances of success over the limitations of subscription tools lacking scaled-processing and cutting edge algorithmic system rules.


Keyword detection

Often sellers can become attached to their favorite keywords because they ‘feel’ they are the right ones without means to back it up. Don’t worry, this is more common than people think. This is why we have built algorithms for keyword probability at a granular level. That’s right, each keyword has assigned rules to avoid campaign waste and take away the emotional context and psychological stress of burning through budgets.


Bid management

It is very easy to allow our emotions to get the better of us and bid high for the top slots. We have seen it many times where ego outweighs common sense. This is common as we are in competition on a competitive supply and demand marketplace. Our advanced bidding algorithms work for you using concrete data sets to determine the right cost per click and adjust accordingly to the movement of the marketplace.

We have a flat rate based on the amount of work required to manage your account. We would first have a discovery call with you and look at the data, so we are able to give you an accurate costing.
We offer a simple flat rate service, so there is no guess-work about costs. No one likes to pay fees and percentages, especially of ad spend. There are no set up or exit fees. In order to break even using our service, our algorithm merely needs to spare you a single irrelevant click per SKU per day. And the more SKUs you give us, the cheaper the cost per SKU.
Yes of course. As we work with large sellers with many SKUs listed and managed by our software backed up by our Data Scientists, we are able to beat any overall campaign ACoS that is exclusively managed manually by a human.
We work with accounts of all sizes (10 - 10,000 SKUs), in all territories and on all Amazon Marketplaces.
This is easy, as we have special custom tools that allow us to onboard all your SKUs to your new Seller Central account. This removes all the traditional pain points associated with getting set up on the Amazon marketplace at scale and quickly.
Our Agency uses dedicated algorithms tailored to your account, coupled with our team of Data Scientists and Algorithm experts managing your campaigns in-house. We are able to offer multi-language PPC management, run millions of keywords, and thousands of campaigns at a low cost per SKU.
We support all the main markets including the US, UK and the EU. We can also cater for Japan, India and other marketplaces if required.

Executive Team


Ellis Whitehead

A Data Scientist and Algorithm expert, Ellis is the architect of all our smart technology.

Ellis’ skills lie in his ability to solve complex problems and turn them into simple solutions through software engineering, mathematics and data science.

He has been deeply involved in the leading Amazon consumer sourcing software tool Jungle Scout and obtained his PhD in automation and data science.


Danny McMillan

Danny has been involved in PPC and online marketing for over a decade.

He is an Amazon Seller, a world-renowned speaker and the host of the largest Amazon podcast (Seller Sessions) for advanced sellers. He is the founder of Seller Sessions Live, SellerPoll the industry awards for the Amazon community and works with providing educational content.

With his deep knowledge and experience of AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Bing Ads paid search, Danny has tremendous insight with marketing brands, both on and off Amazon.

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Multi Language PPC

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Take a % of your Profit

Take a % of your Revenue

Take a % of your Ad Spend

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