AdWords Hack: Make Your Ads Look Like They Are Coming From Amazon

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Andy Arnott joins Danny to discuss some tips on Adwords and how you can make them look

like they are coming from Amazon. This includes your reviews, delivery percentages and much more… We also talk about morally bankrupt marketers in the space and the early adoption of TikTok.

A little bit of a background

  • Andy Arnott started selling in Amazon in 2012 and scaled the seven figures pretty quickly.
  • He started a review  and launch service and now transitioned to Seller SEO, a marketing and optimization platform for Amazon.
  • Andy has his own podcast: https://sellerroundtable.com

Using AdWords

  • You can play with ad words in such a way that it is an Amazon ad.
    • It pulls in good review of the product.
    • People trust your link.
  • Amazon attribution is a much more basic version of Google Analytics, they re-rigged it as a conversion tracker. The data is so-so but once they get it figured out then it will be something worth using.
  • Conversion-wise, it will nit be as good as that on Amazon BUT what we are using and it is doing surprisingly good are:
    • Use two-step URL, and
    • Google Ads
  • Two-step URL is not dead!
  • Good Ads is undervalued because  there is a different mentality when using the browser versus scrolling through Facebook feed.

Tips for structuring bidding

  • Use your keyword ranking.
  • Start a campaign-
  • First: if targeting mid-tail to high volume keywords, pick two or three but make sure your main keyword is in those two or three phrases that you are targeting.
    • Once you start getting ranked on those, open it up and go to ten phrases.  
    • Next, go to super long tail. When you start getting this kind of traction, then those super long tail traction get easier.
    • Start small and build from there.

 Choice of Advertising Depends on the Intent

  • In contrast, Facebook is disruptive advertising. Using any of the ad platforms depends on intent. Look at the product.
    • Facebook needs advertising to be entertaining.
    • Spatula and ink or toner are not fun / sexy products. So you will need to think of using other ad tools like Google Adwords.

 The Way Forward

  • The long way forward is content – people are tired getting pitched to.
  • People want relationship. They do not like getting click baits.
  • Disruptive advertising is going out of business!

TikTok and Other Methods of Marketing

  • Social media platform, old and new can be your source of external traffic.
  • Cost of advertising on different platforms to generate offsite traffic is something you need to explore.
  • The cost of PPC is going up – do external marketing but do your testing. When things stops working then you need to step it up.
  • When something new comes up then test it.

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