Amazon PPC – Does PPC Still Affect Organic Rank?

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Episode 300: Brandon Young, Ivelin Demirov, Dr Ellis Whitehead and Lazar žepinić join Danny to discuss the recent changes in PPC and it’s affect on Organic Rank. We also discuss Add To Cart effects, Leveraging Brand Analytics and much more…

Are There Any Changes in the Indexing with Amazon?

  • There is a connection between using PPC and organic index, if people start clicking and converting then it will show up on the other index.
  • The hypotheses:
    • You don’t rank if you don’t use PPC
    • 100% of sellers think that PPC helps with organic ranking.
    • New results show many people do not see any relationship between the two.
  • The test: we used PPC exclusively on an invented keyword. Results: PPC still helps with the organic ranking.

The Algorithm..

  • The algorithm does not care about purchases.
  • You have to maintain a certain ratio between add to cart and check out.
  • OLD trend: Every single sale is a positive towards the sale and the ranking.
  • NEW/ Most Updated Trend : What matters most is your conversions.
    • Your over all conversion rate is the leading indicator for rank.
    • You have to understand how all the keywords you bid on correlates.
    • You have phrase match, broad match and at different keywords.
    • They rank you comparatively to your competitors.
  • The performance of PPC matters more — it is the conversion of your product out of every keyword, not just one keyword.
  • For first time and small to medium sellers: use outside marketing over PPC — for starting out your campaigns and driving traffic
  • Example: garlic press:
    • Plural form: impact about 80%
    • variants: different orders are broad match impact at 30%
    • know your impact, it has to be precise because you are spending money and PPC costs more but is is more precise.

Changes in Amazon

  • ACost is going up.
  • There is lesser opportunities of generating sales through organic. PPC opportunities going up but costs is going up.
  • Approaches have to be varied.
  • Total ACost going up:
    • Organic rank files
    • Positioning
  • There is negative PPC or lower converting PPC to get the organic rank back BUT the organic sales is going down.
  • Purchases on desktop vs mobile: 80% mobile, 20% desktop
    • make sure you optimize for mobile
  • Track your keywords performance for the long term, not just the short term increasing. 
  • Evaluate your results.

Push Campaign

  • Improve performance of keywords for specific keyword for a product.
    • You are doing a negative thing to your account IF you are pushing campaign and the keyword is doing bad.
    • You can use this POSITIVELY for a new product.
  • PPC is one part of your business, not just a cost to your business.
  • Your advertising on Amazon are real estate.
  • CTR should be good before you think about using PUSH CAMPAIGN.

Over-all Performance

  • You have to be good with brand building and you need better content, and off-Amazon marketing for the future.
    • Be careful with outside traffic – it can also negatively impact your ranking and performance.
    • It is over-all: PPC, outside traffic- these are just part of your overall performance.
    • Stay above your competition.
    • Mistake: FB ads direct to product. Don’t do that. You can kill your ranking.

Brand Analytics

  • This is part of knowing your numbers
  • It sets the benchmarks for you to know how well you should be performing.
  • You will see who are your customers, your demographics and audience relevancy.

Tips from the experts:

  • Rankings give you a good sense for the search volume.
  • Check out the keywords of your competitions so you can have a benchmark of what keywords work or do not work.
  • Know your different keywords and their impact.
  • know your numbers! It is your key to success.
    • This is where you base your performance
  • Always check your ranking 
    • Don’t leave your campaign unattended.

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