Amazon Tracking Ranking and Indexing with Ivelin Demirov and Danny McMillan – Session 011

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Danny and Ivelin go in-depth on Amazon Tracking, Ranking and Indexing on Amazon and how you can fix keyword issues when not your listing is not showing up in search results. Without visibility you are leaving money on the table – Don’t let that be you!

So we’ll hear from Ivelin on how to make the most of your 2,500 character cap. How to divi-up the characters across title, bullets, description and back-end to prioritise the best elements for the greatest return on your top keywords.

Ivelin goes through his testing and an approach that yields much more confidence in your keywords being actively indexed by the Amazon search algorithm. This makes sure Amazon tracking of your keywords is optimised.

We all know mobile is super important with the majority of buyers coming through mobile with upto 70% being quoted in some cases.

The value in your image is paramount and more so in mobile given the limited screen real-estate. Other limitations for your listing on mobile is that the Amazon algorithm truncates your bullets and description text so you need your most powerful keywords in the first few characters where possible.

We’ve heard small is beautiful and Ivelin recommends keeping your title and bullets short initially. This will make sure your keywords are in there and the amazon tracking algorithm is forced to index them as there’s not much more for it to go on.

Ivelin then recommends increasing your title and bullets wordings. Use search to confirm the keywords are indexed by finding your listing in the Amazon search engine.

The algorithm indexes keywords and associates them with keywords to reduce what the viewer sees and keep it relevant

How many characters should we have for our keywords?

  • Depends on the total character count across your bullets, front-end and back-end
  • There are only 1,500 to 1,600 keyword in the front-end that get indexed
  • Top down is priority to improve Amazon tracking and buyer eye scanning
  • The last bullet-points numbered 4-5 should be used for information only and not your main keywords as these may not be indexed
  • Only 600-1,200 of the backend keywords get indexed
  • There are 2,500 chars included across title, bullets and back-end keywords
  • Start with short title and bullets than load the back-end to test keywords indexing
    • Then add 50 words a day at a time to up the indexed keywords
    • Start with the title (200 chars), 100 each for the bullet points then back-end

• Mobile is now 70%

  • Image 1st then title then bullets is how the reader goes
  • Mobile shows 1st 50 chars of Desc (2 sentences only)
  • Your bullets will be displayed on mobile but they can be truncated so be careful
  • Enhanced brand content advertising is good
  • Optimizing your bullet points is the first thing to focus on
  • Look at your listing from a mobile perspective – keep it focussed
  • Strategy now for us is that we are working to keep everything short to improve amazon tracking and viewability
  • Use more info in the bullet points and keep title short
  • Amazon states that Back-end keywords are not needed
  • The 5,000 back-end keywords packing can be counter-productive and bring you the wrong traffic
  • Only relevant, strong and short information is best to achieve ranking

Amazon Tracking – How do you know if it’s relevant to include keywords in the backend for

  • Only way to get them to index is to shorten everything else to force the algorithm to index your back-end keywords
  • Put keywords you want to hide from competitors in the backed so you can hide them
  • Synonyms of the keyword go in the front-end so the algorithm indexes them
  • The algorithm sees the synonyms and indexes the back-end
  • There are services that extracts the keywords from your back-end for you
  • Repeating keywords? – no point in repeating in the backend

External – 25% of Amazon traffic comes from Search Engines

  • Repeat 2-4% of keywords for SEO, include them in URL and title
  • On-page optimisation – (On Amazon)
  • Off-page – Google optimisation
    • Select strongest keywords for Google from Google Planner
    • Put in title and repeat upto 2-4% in listing
    • Make amazon index your keywords by using hyphens to link words
    • Amazon replaces the name of your image so don’t worry about it
    • Optimise images for 1,500 pixels (over the Standard 1,000 image size)
  • Link-building
    • Contrary to 2015 Amazon now want external traffic to the listing!
    • More traffic is better and more relevant is better still
    • Use high-rank links to your listing in Amazon for best results
    • Amazon will block the IP address of ASIN searches using automatic tools
  • Bots
    • Do not bother sending bot traffic to your listing because it won’t count
    • Amazon won’t count bot traffic as it can identify bot traffic viewing your listing


  • Listing capped at 2,500 chars
  • Focus on mobile and shorten words
  • Start short and add more keywords regularly to index
    • Use 80 chars max in title because it is good for mobile and shorter load time
    • 500 characters is the limit for bullet point
    • Enhanced brand content can use Keywords in the backend for indexing
    • Copy the bullet points and do a google search ASIN
    • Indexed keywords display as orange

Ivelin tool – RiverCleaner

  • Script chrome extension
  • River Cleaner is the name
  • Takes info from sale guides and recommends changes to your listing
  • Category specific recommendations according to the style guides
  • Checks indexing using the API
  • Search order by buyers name
  • Reveal negative reviewer
  • Hijacking alert for your listing by email
  • Keywords research on competitors emails to show what’s missing





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