Is Vendor Central Worth The Effort?

Darren Saul is back with Vendor Central versus Seller Central and a lot of people moving from Vendor Central. Things like brand registry and the suite of marketing tools available have been a big pull but Seller Central has been getting new tricks too.

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Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong

Paul Harvey is with us with Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong sharing his marketing strategy using messenger chatbots and Instagram stories to promote his Amazon products

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The Effect Of Review Score On ACoS

Sean Smith is here and talking through review score, the impact on PPC to organic ratios, category changes and Q4 strategies. Remember your fundamentals and the review star rating.

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What is AMG (Amazon Marketing Group)?

Liz Adamson is with us talking through the Amazon Marketing Group, jargon busting on AAP, DSP, AMG and CPM. We cover Return on Ad Spend, the Halo effect and the tie-in with Sponsored Ads, Headline Ads and AMS

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Amazon Seller Data

Liran on Amazon Seller Data promoting against competitor listings and the ethics involved – how far should Amazon be going on their own platform to push their own brands…

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