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Has Amazon Removed Their Own Products From Search Pages?

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What happens when Amazon takes itself out of your competition list? In this episode, Jeff Schick shares what this new development means for your business.

Background of the issue

  • Jeff Schick from joins us this week to talk about changes in Amazon.
  • Amazon has a host of brands competing with regular seller’s brands.
  • The top block showing the “top-rated from our brands'”block on top of the page is now removed.


  • Is this an effect of the anti-trust investigations or is this a way of increasing revenue from ad spend of regular sellers?

The Anti-trust Investigations

  • India announced that it will not allow Amazon to have a marketplace and its own private label data in there. Since then it created the question: is Amazon using its market dominance to harm consumers and smaller sellers?
  • Amazon controls the data– everything, can see everything and can create a very optimized competitor, with cheaper pricing.
  • They used to place Amazon Basics up there showing top rated from our brands.

Other Trends

  • The most common things is intellectual property — Amazon used to shoot first, ask later. But this has changed.
  • They used to suspend then ask later BUT IP continues to be a problem.
  • Many brands are realizing that counterfeiting claims are serious, especially from someone who have a counsel.
  • There are those who file false claims – they now realize that it is mostly against them.

Wording your responses on suspension appeals etc.

  • The verbiage has changed. It is no longer what  you are going to do but what are you doing to prevent it from happening again.
  • Root cause analysis is no longer enough.
  • They will ask you for specific action plans.
    • A demonstration on a particular bullet/ phrase/ action item.
  • Things to watch out for: RETURNS
      • Keep your eyes out for bogus returns.
      • Have a plan in place to prevent getting suspended just because a customer wanted free shipping.

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