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How to Hunt Tigers and Build Your Audience with Steven Black – Part 1

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In this conversation with Steven Black, he gives us his tips and strategies on how “not” to sell your products, how to build up your audience and the proper way of doing copy writes. And no we don’t sell snake oil.

Steven’s Background

  • Marketer for 12 years
  • Got out of brick-and-mortar businesses and got into lead generation, e-commerce and joined Amazon two years ago.
  • Consultant for eight to nine figures.
  • Steven works on demand forecasting, a big copywriter and is well known in the Amazon world.

Start with the audience – not the product

  • Know more about your audience. Don’t sell the product, let them come to you.
  • Study copy writing. Ask this when starting your business:
    • What are people looking for?
    • How can you connect with them?
    • If somebody pushes – people resist. That is audience psychology.
  • People like to buy from people they like.
    • Pushing people to buy will make them want to resist.
  • Test your product with your audience.
    • Do not speculate on how the people will like it.
  • Your sales process should be:
    • Audience, funnel, product.
    • Get people to come to you and figure out what is going on in tehir heads.
    • Figure out the gaps!

Snake Oilers versus Tiger Hunters

  • People can sniff bullshit a mile away.
  • Tip: Look at your audience don’t push.
  • Your tigers are your repeat buyers. They generate 80% of your revenue.
    • You don’t chase tigers – get them to go to you.
    • Give them an experience that they can not get anywhere else.
    • Give them a reason to go to you.
  • When people make up their mind – you can not change them.
  • Keep giving and sending an offer by the end of it, the audience will decide to buy – not you.

Become a Chameleon

  • Build your audience outside.
    • If you found a product you are interested in then go find groups: Reddit, FB and so on.
    • Sell the lifestyle that your product fits in.
    • Let your audience see themselves in it.
    • The product actualizes the idea.
  • What do your audience care about?
    • What is their lifestyle?
    • Think of the actual persons.
    • Tap into that and build a product that will make the  lifestyle better.
  • Find the people who are gurus and contribute on their pages, their groups.
  • If you contribute a lot – then you become friends with them.
    • If you are the leader’s friend then their people will follow.

Do you really have a brand?

  • Nobody has a brand. Three things required:
    • A brand is a feeling attached to the product — you need to have the three C’s in order to have a brand.
    • COMMUNITY. You need to have a following.
    • CONTENT. If you can not shape people’s opinion then you don’t have a brand.
    • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. If you can not generate a feeling associated with your label, then you don’t have a brand. 
    • Absent any one of these – you don’t have a brand.
  • Just because you put your name on it doesn’t mean it is branding.
  • Selling in a niche does not mean you have a brand.

Engagement Rate

  • Steven’s engagement rate is 80%. The norm is 35% to 40%
    • never advertised it.
  • Do not talk about what other people are talking about.
  • Try not talking about things that is not in your area.
    • Tag the experts! Send people to their page. You gain a friend that way.

Starting a group

  • You don’t have to be everywhere!
  • What is your thing? What are you comfortable with?
    • If FB is your thing then start there or IG or YouTube.
    • YouTube: People like to be edu-tained.
    • Facebook groups: people like to talk and to feel significant from other people who share their interest.
    • People will pay through the nose not to be lonesome.
  • Update: FB has changed the algorithm to favor the groups.
  • 80% of your revenue should be from existing customers.
    • Reduce churn and increase customer lifespan.
    • Make people feel great.
    • Try to be helpful and always have an idea.
    • Have a content calendar.
  • Have more in depth conversation. Let people chew on your content. 
    • Don’t back log them or too much information
    • Make it all about the customer and audience first.
  • Steven started his own group because there are a lot of misinformation and similar stuff. Same model. people need more than that.
    • Stalk the people who are influencers.
    • Can you offer something different?
    • What are they talking about?
  • Get people in by contributing to an influencers page.
    • Befriend them.
    • The followers will follow the leader — that is how you get people in
  • BE GENUINE. Be sincere and share what you know. You don’t have to be an expert — just be genuine.

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