How Was Your Q4? with Jamie Graham

Jamie Graham, shares with us what he has achieved for 2019’s  Q4 and his preparation strategies leading up to the final quarter of the year.  The first installment for our mini-series: How Was Your Q4?


  • Jamie Graham, long time Amazon seller shares a few challenges he received for Q4.
  • Preparation started on the big days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Have enough stocks for Q4.
  • Stocked up and sent it to Amazon in advance.

Slight Roadblocks

  • Some products were occasionally taken out and flagged as adult. Although it is for secondary use. The solution is to work this out with Seller Central.

Goals for 2020

  • Cut off SKUs that are not really selling.
  • Bottom performers will not have that much impact and are really cumbersome to go through all SKUs.
  • Goal is to have an improved efficiency in business to increase revenue and profit. Reign down the expenses.
  • Work with a sourcing or trading company. Get some help in growing the business.

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