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In Depth with Brian Johnson – Part 2

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In this second half of our in depth interview, Brian Johnson, founder of PPC Scope, shares how getting out of our comfort zone helps us grow to conquer the challenges and other big learnings. Brian further shares with us the defining moments of successes.

Learning Moments

  • Danny’s perspective: when you get from point A to point B and lose everything tomorrow – you’ll know how to get back to where you were.
  • After losing the business, he discovered Amazon. 
  • His first product on Amazon was kitchen utensils.
  • He started doing consultations on Amazon and had to figure out the advertising.
  • There was not much material out there about running ads.
  • He tried looking for people who share the same interests and ended up creating a community where they shared knowledge.
  • We are forced to get an uncomfortable situations that teach us. 
  • These emotional challenges can either paralyze us or they can propel us to work twice as hard. Never quit.
  • There are days when you want to lay under your pillow but when you don’t have money in your bank, you are toxic and you failed.
  • You should not celebrate failure. It is how you deal with it and not accept it.
  • You have to go through a series of hardships to really appreciate what you have now.

Defining Failures and Successes

  • Everyone have their own story and we’ve seen it all.
  • We each have to find the balance. Yes we will still make mistakes but it is what we do about that and how we make it better the next time– this is what defines us, personally.
  • Danny’s perspective: in life, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.
  • Nobody wants to go through the pain of mistakes or failure but the biggest things learning.
  • Learning about our own limitations and the things we can do BUT how many of those things can you do really well?
  • The failures in life are really the ones that have the ability to propel us to what we need to do next. 
  • Failures build our characters in how we make decisions in the future.
  • If we don’t go through failures we will never reach success.

Keep the Fire Burning

  • Brian currently has 36 staffs from 5 staff.
  • His previous agency is where he learned he should not be doing the account management himself.
  • He is good in triage development. Not branding or operations.
    • Learn your personality type to find out what you are good at.
    • If this is not the best place for you — then you have to figure the right position.
    • TonyRobbins DISC assessment:
  • Identify what energizes you and what drains you.

Software Development Project

  • Brian is currently working on a software project.
  • Introducing something every 6 months is a rigid requirement, otherwise you get behind.
  • Focusing on Amazon PPC and automating the grind part.
  • The goal is to help grow the business of the client and not just focused on the campaign.
  • Technical analysis can be done with AI but the contextual analysis is best done by humans. AI is not there yet.

Online Courses

  • It took Brian five years to become the success he is today.
  • Brian provides a 4 week training course for PPC.
  • He understands that there is a lack of information out there.
  • He has four courses available. Check out:
  • This is Brian’s way of giving back, by helping others succeed in their business.
  • Use the information, apply the concepts and be successful!
  • Check out:

Listen to Episode 1 HERE.

Connect with Brian Johnson:

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Connect with Brian Johnson:

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