Live from Linnworks 2019

Danny returns to Linn Academy but this time hosting a Seller Sessions Q4 Panel discussion, with seven figure sellers Jim Mann, Anthony Webster and Shane Oglow. They cover everything from suspensions, black hat to ranking in the holiday season live from the stage.

Event background

  • Everything e-commerce: EBay, Amazon, from different areas, sellers, marketers and step by step processes that can help sellers everywhere. 

The Q4 Experts Panel

  • The panel: Anthony Webster, Jim Mann, Shane Oglow and hosted by Danny😉
  • Anthony Webster: his wife started the business and started helping out and then did well in German and now working in the EU. He has left his work and worked on their business full time.
  • Jim Mann: Moved back to the UK since 2013. Prior to that he was in the corporate world and is now a seven figure seller in Amazon. 
  • Shane Oglow: Another seven figure seller and has other businesses, a press release company. He started in 2015.

The Q4 Preparations

  •  Lead time way before August.
  • Make sure to rank up before Prime Day, rank all the way through Prime Day. Get seller badges.
  • Make sure to have enough lead time. Push for 30 days before Q4 to get your stuff in. Keep pushing to have enough items in before Q4.
  • Start in the summer. August all the way through November.
  • Cash flow is a big issue – make sure you have enough cash flow in store or credits.
  • Have a good team to position you.
  • Start getting your content ready.

Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays

  • Submit your products early
  • Submit your ads on Facebook and have them on the key spots before Black Friday or any big sale event.
  • Get your momentum before the event.
  • Prep your chat-bots and ads in place.
  • If you don’t need them then cancel them.

Black Hats and Hijackers

  • Anthony shares with us how he resolves his hijacker problems.
  • He used to get two to three hijacks in one day with other sellers/brands shooting up to the top without reviews at all.
  •  At one time, he had drop his prices to a very low deal – making an OK margin with it. All because of  hijackers.
  • He confronted the hijackers by buying the product and sending a message to the seller saying he will buy the product and send it straight to Amazon to get them suspended.
  • That worked 99% of the time.
  • If you get your rankings manipulated – that is thanks to black hatters.
    • New changes are coming! Amazon will do a shakedown -and this is coming real soon.
  • Be vigilant with key words that trigger the algorithm: toxic, scam and so on.

How to Deal with Account Suspensions

  • Put your alerts ON like when categories change, reviews come in or brand name get changed.
  • Black hatters attack your account. 
  • Always be on the look out.
  •  Take EMOTIONS out of the equation.
  • Write down your plan of action – analyze your root cause.
    • Send this out to the performance email and normally gets resolved in one to two days.
    • Protests do not work!
    • Keep it to a single sheet.
    • Reverse engineer it and put down your resolutions.
    • If you did review manipulation – confess! And say you are sorry and how you can fix it. And that you will not do it again.
    • Cut and paste will be sent back to you.
  • Search – find – buy: Add in widget, add to cart and buy it. Some people search it through search box and buy it.

Creating Cases

  • Do not cut and paste – it will not be read.
  • Litter your case with keywords that will put support on high alert to resolve it.
  • Smart people are on catalog team.
  • It all comes down to how you frame your question.
  • Hire someone to do it for you – setting up cases and resolving a suspension.

Alerts for your account

  •  Put it in a ticketing system.
  • The alerts should go to a ticketing system.
  • Never miss those.

Predictions for Amazon

  • Costing per click will definitely go up.
  •  Press release service is something you can use.
  • Chat bots is another option. But can be very technical.
    • Go to YouTube
    • Buy someone else’s flows but don’t spend too much.
  • PPC should be for products that convert well and have good margin. High value.

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