Live from PPC Congress

Join Danny as he shares with us his experience in this year’s PPC Congress.  In this episode we get the opportunity to listen in to the PPC community which includes Danny McMillan, Brian Johnson, Stefano Starkel, Liz Adamson and more.

Sound Bites from the PPC Congress

  • Day 1 of PPC Congress
    • Organized by Augustus Kligys
    • We have a lot of speakers who came in from the US this year 
    • Quick reminders on Amsterdam culture and laws – Do’s and Dont’s
  • Amazon is converting from a marketplace to a marketing platform.
  • Additional areas where we can retrieve traffic 
    • Identify the target audience
    • Prerequisites-
      • Know your product’s conversion rate
      • Both in the EU and US, if you are in these markets
      • Know your conversion rates versus your competitors
      • Know your top converting search terms for each product – use your tools! 
      • What are the words that people use to get to your product?
      • What is the conversion rate on the keyword level?
  • Note: Higher search means higher competition – NOT HIGHER CONVERSION.
  • You can add 1,000 keywords in bulk.
  • Day 2 of PPC Congress
  • Topics covered:
    • Sponsored brand ads and case studies
    • Product Targeting and stealing market share
    • and more…
  • Takeaways-
    • More tools are being developed.
    • Keep your eyes out for automation of ads creation!

Check out the speakers and get news about next year’s event:

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