Live From Romania!

Danny heads to Romania to speak there for the first time. Amazonienii is ran by the infamous Alex Huditan, and is a one day event in its forth year. Danny catches up with Alex and events manager Adriana Petre, plus all the main speakers including Tomer Rabinovich, Shane Oglow, John Hefter and Sylvia Stefanowicz.

Amazonienii Tips and Strategies

  • Tools: helps in finding words to use in the details and reverse SEM.
  • No product us boring. Go back and review your values and how you can connect it to what is trending or what is current.
  • When putting items together -make sure that when choosing the products they go well together.
  • Do seasonal products research. If you are launching for the following month, find out what was selling during that same time last year.
  • Neighboring keywords – they can be good for expansion but not for launching products.

The Experts Panel 

  • Sylvia Stefanowicz covered the future of retail.
    • Tips: Optimize customers and your brand, look for retail opportunities and don’t focus too much on the product itself. Take advantage of all your opportunities. 
  • Shane Oglow: Press release can help you launch and rank your products. Find good distribution.
  • Tomer Rabinovich: Be better than your competitor. Do listing optimization and step up. Focus on your competition and make it better. The listings, copy and even reviews have to be better than your competitors.
  • Adriana Petre: She has organized everything from pick ups to water bottles on the stage. Having a brilliant team is the key to success! 
  • John Hefter: Covered the process of selling your business and preparing your brands to go the next level. Expert advise on how to set up a company for sale.
    • Brands they are looking for:  the fewer SKUs that perform well, the better. Consistent performance and good review positioning versus their vertical.
    • Clean and simplistic operations.
  • Key take-aways: Roller coaster of new information and a lot of wisdom from the experts panels! See you next year!

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