Mindset, Amazon Scammers and 2020

Liran Hirschkorn shares with us bits of what he has learned from  Mindset, and how you can change the blueprint of your life. Plus how to spot a scammer a mile away and major surprises for 2020.


  • A long time friend of the show, Liran Hirschkorn is an entrepreneur.
  • He was a recent Alibaba event guest speaker.
  • Winner of SellerPoll 2019, Outstanding Contribution

Mind setting

  • Liran had started listening to Tony Robbins since his teenage days.
  • He has been a consistent fan of Tony Robbins and applied the mindset growth to his life.
  • Liran has also seen personal breakthroughs through mindset.
  • Mind setting begins with selecting your values in life.
  • Progress equals happiness
    • We all have a blueprint of what we expect our life to be.
    • If circumstances change, then we have to change our blueprint.
    • Shift your drivers. Significance is not a driver that will make you happy.
    • Active learning makes your learning more ingrained. Sitting back and hearing something.
    • There are levels of breakthroughs in our lives and the keys to these are our personal drivers.
  • Creating raving fans for your business because customers are just parked on your doorstep, ready to move on to the next trendy product.
    • The key is to innovate.
    • Build an audience.
    • Build a sustainable brand.

Networking events

  • 90% of the people in these events are business owners.
  • There are people you will meet who are outside the Amazon space, who are interested in joining Amazon.
  • Get there prepared – buy proper clothing for the event to leave an impression. 
  • You get new ideas and meet new people: influencers, collaborators, inventors, large businesses.
  • You get into a team based on your ticket level – and get to know people for the net six days!
  • You also get exclusive offers and events in the subscription membership.
  • Liran’s quote of the day: If you are not growing, you are dying.

Scams in the Amazon Industry

  • Liran used to hold no bars in naming and shaming industry shams and scams.
  • Liran is stepping back from these and is redirecting his focus on helping out others make it in the industry.

2020 Plans

  • Starting a brand by second quarter, starting in Amazon and will build his raving fans around this brand.
  • Putting out content.
  • Things on the works: Amazon display, Amazon DSP are a few of the areas of focus.
  • Pulling back from traveling, and staying more at home.
  • More events outside Amazon for 2020: Traffic and Conversion is an ideal.

How to Create an Action Plan

  • Start by writing down what you want or where you want your business to be and work backwards from there.
  • What is your plan to get there?
  • Sit down and take a piece of paper – shut down your computer.
  • Ask the right questions to get you to the best answers.
  • What do you need to do?

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