New Amazon Sponsored Brand Features

Brent Zahradnik drops by to talk about the new Sponsored Brand features – Amazon has moved so fast and furious rolling out features for SB in the last few months of 2019, we are not sure if everyone even noticed..


  • Brent, founder and CEO of  AMZ Pathfinder.
  • Amazon has launched Sponsored Brands.

What You Should Know About Sponsored Brands

  • Sponsored Brands video – allows you to create a video.
  • Mostly for US based accounts, if you do not have the option then send Amazon a request.
  • The video features a single product.
    • 30 to 45 seconds – does not auto-play, tap to get sounds on.
    • It is advisable to get subtitles in there.
    • The video has to be optimized first before uploading.
  • This feature is in beta.
  • It is essential to have subtitles.
  • The cost per click has been very low.
    • Competitive keywords for as low as eighty cents.
  • It has its own reporting dashboard.
    • It has similar features as your regular ads report.

Other Features 

  • Make sure to optimize your ads feature but clicking this option doesn’t show any huge impact or difference.
  • Create a headline that is much more general than what you are used to.
  • Customizing images
    • Use lifestyle images instead of logo.
    • This option is on mobile only.
  • Product targeting options
    • You can target ASIN, etc.
    • This is not in beta – so keep it tight.
    • Not enough people are using it.
  • Negatives
    • Make sure to use negatives so that you get to control your broad terms.
  • You can increase/ decrease your bids for keywords.

Predictions for this year

  • All the complexities in Sponsored Brands will get more options.
  • Amazon is moving more towards videos.
  • More targeting refinements: gender and device type.

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