New Amazon Sponsored Brand Features

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Brent Zahradnik drops by to talk about the new Sponsored Brand features – Amazon has moved so fast and furious rolling out features for SB in the last few months of 2019, we are not sure if everyone even noticed..


  • Brent, founder and CEO of  AMZ Pathfinder.
  • Amazon has launched Sponsored Brands.

What You Should Know About Sponsored Brands

  • Sponsored Brands video – allows you to create a video.
  • Mostly for US based accounts, if you do not have the option then send Amazon a request.
  • The video features a single product.
    • 30 to 45 seconds – does not auto-play, tap to get sounds on.
    • It is advisable to get subtitles in there.
    • The video has to be optimized first before uploading.
  • This feature is in beta.
  • It is essential to have subtitles.
  • The cost per click has been very low.
    • Competitive keywords for as low as eighty cents.
  • It has its own reporting dashboard.
    • It has similar features as your regular ads report.

Other Features 

  • New Sponsored Brand features – Amazon has moved so fast and furious rolling out features for SB in the last few months of 2019, i’m not sure if everyone even noticed with Q4 in full swing.
  • Sponsored Brands video. 2020 is the year of video in advertising on Amazon so now we’re seeing it rolling out to a wider audience. A good deal of our clients have this now. It features only a single product though and is mobile only – where clients have been ready with videos or been able to put one together quickly these have done very well. cpc far lower than you’d assume for such a valuable placement. Also comes with its own reporting section
  • Custom images (mobile only) brand context of lifestyle image, basically formalizing what many people were doing already with primary image. Details here: not sure if we’ve even tried these at any scale, or with enough confidence to say they work.
  • “optimize your ad” feature will rotate out different products from what you’ve selected, one would assume amazon is inferring searcher intent and using data related to their profile, then swapping out products based on that. Only issue here is you gotta keep your headline very general.
  •  Product targeting options – no longer limited to keywords! same as that available in SP – have seen good results here.
  • Negatives and shortly thereafter, search term reports! negative came first and was a bit puzzling as we didn’t have search term data, but now we do and it all makes sense. Be careful with broad match, it seem to cast a very wide net. There is more room for us to experiment here but in general I think it best to stick with fewer and higher CTR targeting options in SB. unlikely to be rewarded for low CTR top of funnel KW.
  • Bonus thing: placement data in SB is done at the keyword level, so you can examine that data and make decisions based on placement by modifying the “Custom bid adjustments for placements below top of search” option at the campaign level

Predictions for this year

  • All the complexities in Sponsored Brands will get more options.
  • Amazon is moving more towards videos.
  • More targeting refinements: gender and device type.

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