Optimising Around Chinese New Year with Kian Golzari

Kian is back with a brace of strategies to get you going for 2020 and some key do’s and don’t’s around Chinese New Year – The latter could save you a small fortune and a world of pain…

All About Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year changes every year. The date changes following the Lunar Calendar.
  • Working with China suppliers is all about making good relationships.
  • This year is the Year of the Rat, send them greetings through WeChat, audio, video or email messages.
  • Respect their time. This is an important holiday in China, so no rush orders on Chinese New Year. 
  • Do not place orders before Chinese New Year and after Chinese New Year. Factory workers are out for a month.

Optimising Your Product

  • Package your product but make it reusable.
  • Add value to your product like you can use all parts of your product.
  • Give your customers a brand experience to grow brand loyalty.

Dealing in the Canton Fair

  • Never ask for price at the Canton Fair.
  • It is common that they give you the fair price but not the factory price.
  • Compare apples with apples, always get the specification sheets on items you like.
  • Go around and ask the price, go to the supplier that you work well with or have a good working relationship with.
  • Track the dates of when you ordered – make sure to take note of the exchange rate on the dates.
    • Make sure to ask your supplier to give you a discount and telling them you will put it back in the business like discount for your customers in turn.

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  • Conference ticket includes access to the Sellers Alley and YLT Translations”Boat Party” on a first come, first served basis.

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