PPC Congress Expert Panel: Danny McMillan, Brian Johnson, Liran Hirschkorn and Stefano Starkel

We got all the brains you wanted to pick in one room this year! This is a partial recording of the PPC Congress Experts Panel 2019. We got questions like how does Amazon come up with the quality score? How do you deal with high performing keywords and many more..

Last Official Session of the PPC Congress

  • On keywords 
    • group your keywords on one campaign
    • Watch out for high volume keywords
    • Separate them in campaigns if they are pulling the costs
    • Amazon chooses from 250 keywords to choose.
    • It doesn’t matter how many keywords you have for an ad group, what matters is the total number of keywords that Amazon picks and choose from based on its relevance to your product.
    • Relevancy is what matters.


  • Is there a quality score that Amazon is using?-
    • This came from the old Amazon team – there is no campaign quality score but it is mainly based on keyword relevance and how Amazon forecasts the conversion at a specific time.
    • CTR plays a role and the relevance of the keywords
    • High bidders overcome this process – the higher you bid even with a bad score, you can go up there on the ranking.
    • Impression share takes longer to reach in a new campaign or when you are starting again and poor performance, the impression share increases faster.
    • Highly performing campaign history takes longer for impressions to go up. Same with good conversion history.
    • Keywords – when you start with a fresh campaign, keywords that are not performing before will start working on the new campaign.
    • Trying to be aggressive on keywords when launching – do a high bid and keep it fixed. If you really want to get up your search.


  • Trust Score is the quality score
    • At a campaign level – how the ad performs
      • based on qualifications, relevance and traditional metrics.
      • They are not looking click through rates, age of the campaign and they may use the conversion rate as a tie breaker between competing ads.
      • With dynamic bidding – you’ll never make it to the amplification with a very low bid and with a low trust score because you have a new campaign.


  • Strategies
    • Any marketplace – look for blue ocean products, products with few competitors
    • Use native translators – in country because they understand the nuances and relevance better.
    • At a campaign level – how the ad performs
      • based on qualifications, locality.
    • 80/20 Rule –
      • Look at the market and get your listings translated first.
      • Hand pick the top 20 performers and translate those first
      • Do not enter a market using cheap translations company.
      • Do not enter when clueless with the language. It will kill your product.
      • Do a pre-research. You have to be ultra focused when trying to enter a new market.
      • Translation has nothing to do with keyword – translation should adapt the research.
    • Bidding in campaigns
      • Find new keywords if they are not working. Or raise bids depending on your budget.
      • A higher bid does not mean higher A-Cost. This depends on your placement.


Check out this year’s panel: https://ppccongress.com/

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