Ranking a Dead Product


  • Hypothesis: rank both products (one that is dead and one that sold) regardless of sales history and see how both perform under the same benchmark.

The Experiment

  • Paul has private Amazon brand
  • His experiment is on Christmas toys and launched them around Christmas: a ghost one and another with very horrendous sales history:
    • Girls listing: 1 1/2 year old, Boys listing: 1 week old
    • take both products and place them on a rebate-bot flow
    • Got 260 subscribers using this flow:

The Flow

  • Video ad – not intense
  • Added animation to the listing itself
  • Advertised it on Facebook
  • Spent 70 pounds on each product
  • Gives them SFB instructions: search, find, buy product.
  • On the SFB flow, used the same keywords
  • We have the bad product and the ghost product.
  • Now there are seventeen copycats and plagued by bad reviews and  black-hatters.
  • Results are far less with coupons.
  • The add-to-cart plays a role.
  • SFB works realyyy well (with emphasis supplied!)

2020 Predictions

  • Next year will be a big year for chatbots
  • As long as you are using chatbots right now, you are ahead of the curve.


  • WhatsApp or Messenger? Countries in first world are more inclined for WhatsApp.
  • IG integrating with FB? Let’s wait and see how they will integrate that with messenger. 
  • The more a platform gets saturated, the less effective it becomes.
  • The PPC costs are going up.
  • Benefits: cost per message has gone up a lot.
  • Mobile social commerce is the next big advertising real estate.

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