Why Limit Yourself To Chatbots and Facebook For External Traffic

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Zack Franklin, from AMZ Kung Fu shares with us the alternative methods for external traffic. Find out what are these alternative methods, easy things you should be looking at but are taking for granted OR those that you are currently using plus how to use them more effectively.

Amazon Marketing

  • There are so much more ways to market your product than PPC, ClickFunels, Facebook, or ManyChat.
  • People should also look up MarTech (marketing tech) 5000, it has now grown to 7400 tools that Amazon sellers can use to grow their business.
  • You have millions of options you can use, there are 500+ exchanges you can use.
  • Exchange allows you to advertise on websites that link directly to your listing.
  • Be more creative and learn from marketers, not just on other sellers.

External Traffic

  • Google: use Google Ads! You can hit the whole world in a day. You can do re-targeting and so on.
    • Ex: printer ink: you can use CUSTOM INTENT or CUSTOM AFFINITY
    • Add in a list of all your competitor websites and other things your customers might be looking for.
    • Once you have these up, you can show on YouTube etc. Just based on what they are researching. You don’t need to pay $2 to be in front of people but you need to figure out if they are in market, based on their search behaviour.
    • Display ads is a cheaper option!
    • Re-targeting: you need to do your research. Figure out the customer buying journey.
      • When do they need your product?
      • What do they search for when buying your product?
      • Get a list of 50 good websites
      • Get 100 very good products
      • You need good creatives – have 5 completely different.
    • Campaign Structuring: Keep it simple
      • Bidding on the internet – some are too high and others are too low. Each state is different.
      • Segment your audience.
      • Decide where you want to send them to – straight to Amazon? Or another link?
        • You can go to offervault.com to see what landers work
        • Kung Fu Tips: DO NOT ADD AMAZON LINKS!! Use DEEP LINKS instead
  • Download you data now! You will not get access to that pretty soon.

Avoid Burning Money

  • Use the Amazon DSP
  • Do not use the Amazon Re-targeting, it will just burn your money.
  • Some placements may be legit while others are just burning money.
  • Use DSP – it will help your traffic.

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