5 Amazon Tips in 5 mins

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Special Edition! In this episode, Danny shares with you 5 Amazon seller tips that make a huge difference and could save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and tears. From DMCA take downs, to listings, bring a pen and paper!

The 5 Amazon Tips

#1. Pesticide Issues

  • What you need to do: make sure the following words are not in your listings:
    • Anti -bacterial
    • Anti-microbial
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Biological contaminants
    • Fungus
    • Sanitaizes
    • Mold
    • Non-toxic
    • Mold resistance
    • Mold spores
    • Filter
  • Request a listings report at Seller Support and they will give you access to that reports.
  • Check and scan after you download the report and check/scan to make sure none of these words are in there plus their other variations: example fungus, fungi, fungal
  • Complete ALL EMPTY FIELDS – this is a must!
    • If you are not sure what to write just place a full top or period to populate the box.

#2. DMCA Take down

  • Here are a couple of emails and websites to contact for DMCA issues, they specialize in helping Amazon Sellers with DMCA (as well as a host of other legal issues):
  • use this opportunity to raise other issues/ communicate with Amazon when it happens.

#3. EU Image

  • Relevant to those joining the PAN -EU program, recently.
  • if you have just joined, you need to know you are able to have up to 20 ASINs where you can do translations on the images.
    • In the EU there is a centralized database, so if you upload your images, and you have listings in Germany, France, regardless if you translate the text on the listings– the images will be repeated across. Which is why you need to have ‘translations‘ on your images.

#4. GS1

  • You can join a GS1 in your country.
  • They have an amnesty program in place.
  • Your old listings and you are not able to edit them then join GS1 without any persecution etcetera.

#5. Click Fraud

  • We had a client who was charged $9K on fraudulent click.
  • Listen to the podcast here: https://sellersessions.com/sponsored-ads-click-fraud-how-we-got-9000-back/
  • We put together the data and they were able to speak to Seller  Support.
  • Get screen grabs, display clicks and dates.
  • get the irregular activity 
  • Highlight the anomalies, search terms and duration.
  • This will take time to resolve – could be 3 weeks.

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