Are You Paying Idiot Tax on Your Amazon PPC?

We had the opportunity to finally get Stefano Starkel, CEO and Strategy Designer at Zon.Tools. He shares with us his insights on idiot tax in your Amazon PPC and what is to be expected of Amazon soon.

A bit of a background

  • Stefano Starkel is the CEO and Strategy designer of Zon. Tools
  • He launched Zon.Tools at around the same time that DataBrill and Cabnopy were launched.
  • The software was born in October 15, 2015.
  • Stefano is a builder – not a maintainer. He built upon a software that his company actually uses and shared this with other people.

The Team

  • Having a small team has its ups and downs.
  • They do crash tests and see which one sticks. They get real-time feedback from their users and work on that.
  • They have three bidding algorithms to be discontinued as algorithms in Amazon change.

Artificial Intelligence?

  • Stefano believes that machine learning is more applicable to describe what they do, not artificial technology.
  • Artificial intelligence is something as smart as a self-driving car and no one is doing that yet in Amazon..

The Idiot Tax

  • Amazon can change and allow negative modifiers but they don;t because they are leaving it in there as a form of idiot tax.
  • But that is what we need right now.
  • They are trying to add sponsored display and put parity between big sellers and small sellers.
  • There will be a lot of movement.
  • People need to be smart enough to keep track of the changes

Cost Per Click is Going Up

  • New sellers are coming in and they do not know what they are doing.
  • There is a need to learn – we don’t know where they are learning. But they are doing it wrong.


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